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The inclusive education is still a main issue in small communities, especially where the people face as well financial barriers and the parents cope with daily life costs.

In 2019, in Romania, according to UNICEF, almost 400 000 kids don’t go to school and 1 out of 5 don’t finalize the mandatory school and 3 out of 10 don’t finalize the high school or a professional school.
Meanwhile, according to World Vision, in Romania of 2023, children from disadvantaged communities face multiple violations of rights during their educational path, being obliged to pay for extra learning materials or to pay tools or objects in the class. The children from rural environments 10% of rural children have never been to camp or other type of alternative education and half of them have no educational activities during the summer.

All of this reinforce our energy to continue adapting the needed education to children and young adults from unprivileged communities in order to increase their understanding that there is another perspective as well.
For August, we are preparing a summer camp exactly for these young people coping with social, economic and geographic barriers, to prepare them for the steps they will take after school.
Through our initiatives, we hope to decrease for them the drop out from schools which remain a main issue for them.

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