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A short introduction

Stefanini Instiute is a initiative started in Brasil in 2001 by the founders of Stefanini Group, Graca and Marco Stefanini. They created an educational organisation for the children and young people from favelas (the marginalized neighborhoods with limited access to quality education). The Institute in Brasil became a safe learning space for the young people who were coming periodically to learn new skills for life. Read more here about it. (Instituto Stefanini EAD)

Our guidance


Educational workshops provided without costs for children and young adults from disadvantaged communities.


Using non-formal education, which has the foundation of learning trough playing, we approach different topics.


With accessible education provided to people from unpriviledged environments, we increase their life skills.

Stefanini Institute emea

In 2018, this initiative was bring to EMEA, with the headquarter in Romania, Bucharest and in 2019, the Institute started the first activities here, as well, which were represented by the preparation of online free courses about soft skills and digitalization, available on the website. Slowly, the Stefanini Institute in Romania became more visible in live learning activities, both online and offline, launching events in Bucharest, Sibiu and Targu Mures.

With the help of our teams, we develop educational opportunities for disadvantaged young people to help them acquire the skills they need to develop and advance in life. We organise events and educational training in IT and personal development.
In 2020, with the start of the pandemic we decided to move all our actions online, delivered free IT and Soft Skills trainings and webinars to disadvantaged youth through the Zoom platform and started working on a new formula for our free courses now found on the website.

During COVID 19 Pandemic, we have been challenged in these difficult times to transform all our actions in online actions in order to continue our project and to support one another, our team of volunteers and our beneficiaries.​Since the first measures taken by the government, we have been taking steps to completely transfer our educational actions online and do our part in supporting the young people during this uncertain period.

2021 brought a continuation of the previous year, integrating the team in more online free courses for youngsters and young people from disadvantaged communities, with a large focus on IT trainings. As well, this year had a wider impact over the outside community in order to increase the visibility of the Institute.

The following year, 2022, debuted with the war crises which increased the number of migrants in Romania, fact for which the recourses and the energy were covering the inclusion and integration of young migrants. For this reason, the 2022 spring had the activities built for Ukrainian kids, meeting them weekly.

Nowadays, Stefanini Institute is strengthening old partnerships, forges new ones and continues its mission to facilitate access to education for youngsters and young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds. At this point, the Institute continues with online courses, both on streaming and recorded, and with face-to-face activities.

Willing to collaborate?

If you have an educational idea or project, online or offline which is targeting people from disadvantaged communities in Romania and you would like us as partner, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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