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Operating systems are the core of computer systems: the powerhouse from inside that makes everything else possible. Every IT professional must have solid knowledge in modern operating systems.

In this course, Operating Systems, you will see the pros and cons of today’s most popular operating systems and how to set up Windows for productive and secure computing. First, we will introduce you to the basic tools and instruments of Windows, so that you will be able to understand and work with Start and all the included apps, settings and administrative tools. Then, you will understand how to build your own management consoles, install applications, set up Windows. Next, you will be able to navigate the maze of Windows control panels, utilities, and command-line tools and understand when to use which tool. Finally, you will know the best practices for ongoing operating system maintenance and management and we will also provide you with tips and tricks for becoming a power user.

Type Lesson Title Duration
General notions 12 Min
Welcome to Windows 20 Min
Windows administration 41 Min
Control panel Part 1 15 Min
Control panel Part 2 29 Min
Windows settings 31 Min
Tips and tricks 31 Min

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