Public Speaking The right course to hold a proper speech

Public speaking is something that each one of us does every day, whether we realize it or not. Sometimes though, stage fright comes in. And this happens when we realize that that speech will be an “official” one. Where does this stage fright come from ?
It has its origins in early education, in the experiences we had at school, in friends or work groups. And it’s a pity that this stage fright blocks authentic stories of a lot of people, stopping them from sharing with others valuable and inspiring messages.
Thus, this course’s objective is to guide you through all the natural and logical steps of creating and delivering a speech, so that everything goes smooth and natural, beating so the stage fright.

I am Cristina and I love cats. This is basically how all my training sessions begin. But more than that, i love humans, which is why i’ve been working with them for more than 11 years. I do that through group training sessions or individual career coaching and psychotherapy.
I enjoy working with both adults and children and the love for education and working with the little ones was consolidated during my ongoing collaboration with the wonderful Rubik School.
I’m the co-organizer of the TEDx Băneasa event where I’m mainly in charge of preparing the speakers. More than 3 years ago I founded The Betterist ( in order to better reply, in a more personalized way, to the needs of my clients.
I’m looking forward to meeting you


  • Functional and open microphone and webcam;
  • Patience with yourselves during the entire process;
  • Availability and openness towards exposure in a safe and gentle environment.

Type Lesson Title Duration
Identifying the stories from our lives 1h 30 min
Understanding the need of finding a message, a moral of the story
Getting familiarized with the speech structure 1h 30 min
Adapting the chosen story to the correct structure
Adapting the speech to the audience 1h 30 min
Final practice
Speech with external audience. 1h 30 min


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