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Become a better communicator using these practical strategies, allowing your authentic self to shine through and allowing the exchange with another person to unfold naturally.
In this course, you’ll learn about the art of communication. You’ll explore techniques for connecting with people and building trust with them so that your communication intention is clear and understood. You’ll also learn the basic principles of assertive communication that is positive and not aggressive. You will discover ways to prepare, techniques to avoid being nervous and how to use your voice and body language to communicate with self-confidence.

Building relationships with the people you want to communicate with is key to making communication effective. And building trust is essential to forging meaningful working relationships.
Just come see how understanding your audience ensures that your message is delivered in such a way so to maximize its impact and how managing your emotions allows you to adapt to the emotional needs of others to build trust. Communicating with confidence is critical to your message being successfully received. Finally, you will learn how verbal communication combines with vocal tone to better convey your message.
Learn to communicate more effectively and confidently in your day-to-day interactions with colleagues, customers, and family.

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10 Min
20 Min
41 Min
15 Min


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