Personal And Professional Relationships Our soft skills courses will help you improve your career !

Do you want to be the person at your company whom everyone trusts and is eager to work with? Do you want to learn how to better manage your personal and professional relationships? Then, this is for you!
Relationship is a key factor in our daily lives, and when it comes to work, having a healthy and productive relationship with your coworkers is the essence of your professional success.

This program is designed to help you build better, stronger relationships in your career life.
In this x-lesson course, our trainer will explain what a relation is, how to collaborate and to deal with conflicts, why the feedback and emotional intelligence are so important and will walk you through the elements which bring added value at the workplace: motivation, stress management and time management.
Who this course is for: For people with no or little work experience and for people who want to develop and improve their relationships at work.

Type Lesson Title Duration
What is a relationship 10 Min
The difference between personal and professional relationship 20 Min
How to collaborate 41 Min
What are conflicts and how to deal with them 15 Min
The importance of feedback 29 Min
What is emotional intelligence and how to use it 35 Min
How the motivation can influence our work relationships 16 Min
Stress management and time management 20 Min


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