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Are you at the beginning of your career ?

  • Do you want to find an opportunity to differentiate between you others?
  • Are you at the beginning of the road and want to find out which job suits you best?
  • Do you want to be sure of your knowledge?
  • Do you want to learn for free and develop the skills required in nowadays job market?

Do you want a career change ?

  • Do you want to change direction in your career ?
  • Do you want more flexibility ?
  • Do you dream of a change ?
  • Do you want to plan your new route correctly and rely on real and required knowledge in the market ?

Are you young and want to learn at your own pace ?

  • Do you want to work in IT at some point ?
  • Do you want to have a harmonious personality and communicate effectively with anyone ?
  • Do you want to be prepared for any professional challenge ?
  • Do you want to have the opportunity to meet certified trainers and learn for free with them ?


Timea Gergely

For me, the Stefanini Institute meant new beginnings and growth. Usually, I am very quick to judge which activity has potential and will bring me added value as an individual, so volunteering has never been one of my priorities. Later, volunteering pushed me to new challenges, helped me better understand human relationships, and ultimately became a more efficient and patient person.

Ștefan Petrescu

My journey so far in the Stefanini Institute team has been sprinkled with challenges, achievements and great satisfactions. In the life of any project, challenges, both personal and team-related, are inevitable. What determines the success of a project is how these challenges are addressed. I think we have managed to overcome them together in a way that now allows us to enjoy and taste the success of our work.

Gabriel Caradaică

We started this project with a strong will to do more for young people who needed help to improve and have the courage to enter the "adult life". Along our way we overcame any obstacles, we prepared events and courses that brought us to the point where our beneficiaries participate in training with smiles and many questions. During this period I managed to overcome my fear and I successfully presented my first training session.


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