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Christmas is coming!

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56 days until Christmas…. Enthusiastic or is just too early?

Stefanini Institute is inviting you to 2 main events that we want to organize for this beautiful part of the year, full of good thoughts and opportunities to leave your mark with a positive impact over the others.

For this, we launch the invitation to be part of our Christmas initiatives, and because all of us are different and have different perspectives over how we should increase the Christmas spirit within us and the others, we propose you 2 ways of interaction:

  • Goods donation – either if you are thinking about books, toys, clothes or other objects which could receive a second chance to life, we will collect them and send them to upcycling or reusing organisations. Let’s find a second life for your goods!

The goods for donation should be in proper shape and clean, so the others can reuse them without any other intervention.

If you have some goods which are no longer in good working order or are too intimate, but you don’t want to throw them, let us know, maybe we can find a way to reduce their waste mark.

We will collect those goods at the office in Bucharest, in the period 04-14 December, also if you want to send them from other cities, inform us before!

  • Christmas party – keep the date of 15 of December in mind! During the afternoon, we will invite at the office, starting with the second part of the day, the partners and the participants with whom we interacted this year, but also with those of you who want to participate!

There will be the time for sharing some presents, some Christmas songs and a treat with homemade cakes and some interactive activities.

If you would be in Bucharest at this time and would like to join our little party, you have to prepare the ticket entry which will be either to bring homemade cakes or cookies, either to prepare a gift for a children. Our proposal is to think about a “shoe box donation” with new things which could be necessary for the kids.

Did we catch your attention? Then, we invite you to fulfill the following form and let us know what do you plan to do for this Christmas alongside us:

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