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Currently overseeing the People and Culture department across EMEA, I have the opportunity to impact the way we recruit, retain, train, develop and care for employees, as well as cultivate a healthy culture, guided by the core values of empathy, efficiency and improvement. I strongly believe in discovering people, new ways of thinking and experiencing diverse cultures as a way to experience life and personal development.

Andreea Miron


As EMEA Marketing Director at Stefanini Group I strive to improve our marketing strategy and maintain Stefanini Group’s competitive edge with a keen eye on industry trends. However, my true passion lies in empowering individuals, and through the Stefanini Institute, I am fully dedicated to making a positive impact. Together, we have the power to transform lives!

Tania Herrezeel

General coordinator

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Driven from the benefits of volunteering, I had transformed the non-formal way of learning things in a way of living, which lead me today to become a change maker regarding my skills and the world I live in. I am following the goal to bring accessible education which increase the life skills, where the formal education has not enough tools.

Ramona Enache

Project Manager

change makers

With a strong desire to create a wide impact around me, I am always ready to be involved in educational processes.

mihaela negru


A proactive person and goal oriented, I am happy to work in a field I am passionate about, and to interact with people.

nina nichei


A free spirit, willing to put her mark on the improvement of educational process that children will have access to.

adina codreanu


I am a motivated person to bring for young people new paths throuugh education.

Marius Ionescu