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Learning from failure!

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Is it a comfortable topic for you to discuss?

If not really, then, we invite you to an interactive evening to have a small chat about failure, what is our approach, what we can do better and even what children can learn from it.

In October, Ramona participated to I love failure conference in Bucharest, from which she took some fruitful insights and decided to share them with you! Besides, this topic is one approached by her during the summer camp that Stefanini Institute organized for 12 young people from all over Romania. With some personal failures…or not…but mostly based on her non-formal experience, she will make this discussion an interesting and interactive one. So, if you are searching for an insightful evening alongside your collogues, to talk about issues which are not that comfortable, you are more than welcome to join us and learn how to transform your failure into a strong trait!

If you are wondering already how and when you can join, things are simple:

Thursday, 16 of November, starting with 17 PM at the Bucharest office, at the 3rd floor, room 336.

Fill this form to assure your place and why not, take your work buddy with you!

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