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1 of June is a day for celebration and the best way to celebrate it is with education, digital education.

On this day, we had the first activity from our digital education initiative for the children from Ana și copiii NGO. The first day, in Bucharest, started light with general use of a computer, how to create and copy folders, session at which the participants were gathered in the same room. After, we had a separation between the children between 8 and 10 years old, which were 6 in total to explore more what Paint, Paint 3D, Word and PowerPoint can do. The enthusiasm was as well to learn new competencies and how to arrange their digital works or how to integrate videos in their presentation, as well to discuss with their friends about the games that they are playing online.

The second group, with youngsters between 10 and 15 years old, gathered in total 15 participants. With a larger focus on Microsoft tools, they discovered more features from Word, Excel and PowerPoint, in order to prepare their school projects and to prepare for the further classes in high school.

The second activity was held in the center from Fundulea, where 20 youngsters between 10 and 15 years old were involved in the same discussions, having a short introduction to how to create and copy a folder and after on Microsoft tools. The participants became very creative and develop nice, structured documents on topics that they are passionate about.

The third engagement, which completed the circle of this initial digital education activity, took place in the Urlați center with 20 other children engaged in an identical kind of educational activity. We made use of the lovely yard that surrounds the center to start some games right away, which resulted in further smiles.


3 days at Ana și copiii NGO centers to discover the tools that a kid can use on the computer.


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