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The summer of 2023 had ended with a strong initiative of implementing a summer camp in which for 5 days, 12 young people aged between 16 and 23 years old participated in various activities which were targeting their personal growth.

With a short time for preparation and many emotions, the period 21-25 of August brought many nice memories for the participants and volunteers which co-created this project.

With the help of the partners, we had reached and engage the 12 young participants, coming from different backgrounds from multiple places in Romania. Maybe they were curious, or afraid, or just out of their comfort zone, they responded affirmatively to all the actions which were taken during the 5 days, as following:

  1. The start was pretty shy, encouraging all of them to share their experience and motivation. They had to prepare in teams a funny story, with logo and name for the teams, in order to break the ice and start to get to know each others.
  2. The second day debuted with a teambuilding activity in which the teams had to create the longest paper chain and after, to create images which emphasize with a certain emotion. How do we perceive some emotions, how do we feel when we feel some emotions or how the others perceive us based on emotions? Questions which are as well a starting point for reflection (and you can find a nice article with the pictures from the camp in Insights 😉 ). The day ended with an open space for a discussion about failure/ failing.
  3. Financial education is a key point for independence and the participants got already very good knowledge about it, so they put it in practice by creating family budgets for some scenarios. The day ended with CV “construction” and what to outline and also which opportunities can bring added-value to each individual.
  4. The day with the trip and discoveries about new way of having fun, but also tips and tricks on how to advance at an interview
  5. Last day, last thoughts and last time together…during this camp. The participants had a retrospective of the full week and highlighted the conclusions and designed some sugary feedback for the others.

With such a full schedule and carousel of emotions, the participants announced their interest for the second edition of the camp, hopefully during the winter break, aiming to meet again and discover new things firstly about themselves.

Summer Camp 2023

5 intense days to work alongside 12 beautiful people about skills and competencies which will be useful for their future.

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